LA theater

You say theater, I say spectacle

Rich “Tough Guy” Werner’s mind-blowing, gore-spattered, makes-American-Gladiator-look-like-a-tea-party, makes-little-girls-cry, puts-the-ass-kicking-back-in-theater production of STADIUM DEVILDARE at NOTE now has a trailer, shot by Ezra:

Mmm, trailer. So delicious. Seriously, if you’re in Los Angeles, “Come witness the battle, cheer for your favorite contestant and discover for yourself the terrifying secret of STADIUM DEVILDARE.” It opens Feb. 15.

Oh, they also have both merch and swag. You can buy a T-shirt supporting your favorite contestant.

In support, Style Over Substance will be hosting a countdown:
Only 25 more shopping days till STADIUM DEVILDARE, the glorious theatrical production, opens at NOTE.
Several contestants battle for possession of a mystical suit of armor (the suit of Guts N Glory) that will enable them to defeat America’s greatest enemy known only as G-dzilla X (perhaps the rubber costume, perhaps the the war in the Middle East).