Help us name our enormous, fully funded, ten-theater complex in the Vegas desert!

So, there’s already a company called the National Theater of the United States of America. (This reminds me of the difficulty we had in naming Upstage Project.) I tried to come up with a couple more names for our concept theater, the enormous ten-theater complex in the Vegas desert, with full funding.

The Corporate Theater of the United States
The Theater Corporation (there is a “national theater corporation” that the Shuberts run out of DC…)
The National Theater of America (problematic, def. “america,” etc., although maybe being politically incorrect is exactly what we need…
The National-Conceptual Theater (or National-Corporate…National-Corporeal…)
The National Theater of Las Vegas
The National Theater of the Desert
The Manifest Destiny Theater
The Theater of Expansionism
Theater of Money (We have more than we know what to do with…)
Theater of Entitlement (because the citizens of this country are entitled to a ten-theater complex in the Vegas desert…)
Theater of Entitlement: presenting a full season of the culture of entitlement since 2008…

Or we could just call it Manifest Destiny. That’s my new favorite.

A search for URLS not yet taken under “manifest destiny” reveals these delightful folks from the World of Warcraft:
Manifest Destiny is a raiding guild on the Dark Iron (PvP) server and is paced towards hardcore progression. We are currently clearing all of Karahzan and hope to be starting the 25 man’s (Gruul’s and beyond) shortly.

Your suggestions are welcome.