dance, theater

a dancing domestic tragicomedy

Unknown Theater, one of my favorite companies in Los Angeles, presents AN ATTIC AN EXIT through July 27: a dance event from San Francisco.

In this theatrical tour-de-force, Looney-tunes comedy meets magical realist mystery
in a single room crammed full with riddles, levitation, baking supplies,
and two meticulously explorative characters you will never forget.

This language of this blurb reminds me of some of the blurbs I’ve tried to write for other semi-surreal, multimedia, multi-element performance shows, especially the something “meets” something part.
I get it, and I automatically know vaguely what genre of work this is, and that I will enjoy it, and that it’s going to be complicated, whimsical, and really good. But I wonder if the language is communicating everything it can to outsiders or civilians – if there is a way for us to describe this kind of work more concisely. It’s difficult, when part of the nature of the work is that it includes many, many elements.