a propos of nothing

None of your trusted wireless networks can be found. Would you like to join the open wireless network called “Buy more coffee!!”?

A: What do you want to drink?
B: I don’t know. This is my first time here. Something expensive and ridiculous. With coffee and sugar.
A: Do you like chocolate?
B: Yeah.

[A makes a drink.]

B: Oh, that’s cool. That looks really cool. What is it?
A: I get bored with doing regular rosettas – it’s one rosetta and then you twist it and from the side you do another rosetta and then there’s a heart, too.
B: (who needs new glasses) Omigod, there is a heart! I totally didn’t even see that. That’s awesome!
A: Thanks.
B: But I meant what’s the drink?
A: Oh. A mocha.