there’s a spinet in it

I have a short story, SPINET, up on Six Sentences now. 6S is a blog I found out about through Gmail text ads, believe it or not, and I’ve read it regularly since then. They publish a very particular kind of microfiction – pieces exactly 6 sentences in length.

Writing this story was a lot like writing a monologue. I found that having an even number gave the paragraph a sort of up-and-down fall, which I tried to fight by having the sentences generally get longer. I found that the speaker was fighting his tendency towards run-ons, but let himself go at the end, when he finally imagines getting exactly what he wants.

PS. One of the commenters (commentators?) on 6S mentioned that he wondered how two of the
minor characters in the story would ‘hit it off’. Maybe this is the opportunity I’ve been wanting to write a serial – I could keep developing this guy’s voice and try to send them more micro-monologues. I hadn’t even thought about that. But I love the idea!


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