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What’re you going to catch?

Walking the cold, green circuit around Mt. Normandale Lake today, in Bloomington, Minnesota, I met a fisherman. The shores were so landscaped and office-parkized that I couldn’t believe there were fish, but there he was, wearing a plaid shirt, standing in the grass, throwing a line out into the reeds.

D: Are you really fishing here?
S: Yup.
D: What’re you going to catch?
S: Bass, hopefully.

This trip is just a side trip for my day job, and I have no explicit theatrical agenda. I guess that must mean I like travel for its own sake, now – meeting new people, and imagining theater projects in the future. Seeing new places, like pancake-flat Minnesota, with lakes like the holes in the dough. I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying this. It’s very nice to be back on the road again, but with a home to return to.