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I will need a suggestion from the audience…

Last night, I saw a show at Improv Olympic here in Chicago, in the Wrigleyville neighborhood, which reminded me of a touristy section of New Orleans. I went with an actress friend who takes classes there. We saw the 8 pm show, Revolver and the Deltones (an improvised musical group). The theater was packed – there must have been over a hundred people – and as we were leaving, a new group of people was coming in and buying tickets to the next show. They have two theaters which each play two shows a night, six nights a week. It’s effectively an improv rep. Coming from audience-starved Los Angeles, I was stunned and overjoyed. My friend and I stood outside waiting for the 22 bus down Clark Street to our respective east-west sub-streets, and this was our conversation: “I can’t believe it.” “I know.” “No, really, I can’t believe it.” “I know.” “No, really – ” “I know.”