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This Guardian theatre blog entry from Maxie Szalwinska has four clips of sound designs from recent productions in England. You can listen to them at her post. It’s great to be able to hear some design from another country. She writes:

This increasing importance of sound in the theatre is, in part, down to new and improved technologies, but productions at the vanguard of sound design are as likely to be lo-fi as high-tech. And it goes hand in hand with the trend towards more immersive theatre, and cross-fertilisation between theatre, film and radio.


Gareth Fry, the visionary sound designer for Waves and … some trace of her says he is indebted to a book about Foley artistry called Noises Off written by the stage manager of the Old Vic theatre in 1936, which “details quite precisely how to create the sound effect of a steam train using 18 stage hands and garden rollers”.

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