chicago, politics

November Fifth in Humboldt Park, Chicago.

This morning, I woke up, with great effort, and walked down Thomas Street to a doctor’s appointment.
The leaves were talking to the sidewalks, the wind was sweeping the streets, and I wondered if I had dreamed it all.

As I crossed Rockwell, I saw three people getting out of a van. Two of them were helping the third into a wheelchair to navigate the sidewalk.

As they lifted their friend onto the curb, they said to each other, seemingly out of nowhere, these simple words: as if the thoughts in all our heads had come to their lips. As if they, too, couldn’t believe it quite yet.

“Four years!”

“Four years, baby!”

“That’s right!”

If this is a dream, it’s the dream MLK had, and it’s a reality. And if it is a dream, we get to live in it for – as my cosidewalkers said – four years, baby. Dream on.

I have been receiving congratulatory text messages and calls from my friends up and down the West coast – SF, CA, even Vancouver – my college roommate Kristel and Mike called me from Canada to officially inform me that the rest of the world is hugely relieved – and all of them sending love and support to Chicago. Today, Chicago sends that same love back to all of you. Today, we in the USA are the smile on the world’s face.