To my very great sadness,

the LA Times writes: A measure to once again ban gay marriage in California was passed by voters in Tuesday’s election, throwing into doubt the unions of an estimated 18,000 same-sex couples who wed during the last 4 1/2 months.

I received a text to this effect from my friend Ellen last night, but I didn’t want to believe it in the midst of the joy at Obama’s victory. But it’s true. 52-48 – so close. We are all devastated by this. I’m trying to write a longer article on the subject.

In good news, Obama takes Indiana. Robert and I reflected last night, in Grant Park, that our experiences in Indianapolis for this year’s Convergence gave us a new view of that state, and made us feel like it was a much more complex, liberal, diverse place to live than we had imagined as West Coasters. We were both hoping that Indiana would trend nationally to the left. To see that Obama victory there, by a narrow margin but still a victory – makes both of us so proud of the state and hopeful for where it’s going. New voters in Indiana, young voters, made this possible.