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“PLAYBOY: Would you classify sex among your wants, wherever you go?

DYLAN: Sex is a temporary thing; sex isn’t love. You can get sex anywhere. If you’re looking for someone to love you, now that’s different. I guess you have to stay in college for that.

PLAYBOY: Since you didn’t stay in college, does that mean you haven’t found someone to love you?

DYLAN: Let’s go on to the next question.”

– the famous Dylan Playboy interview, which I reread every now and then, for the wisdom. Upon looking at it again – it’s been a few years – what I really like are the character names, PLAYBOY and DYLAN. It seems like they should have their own play, just the two of them, and that it should be far more detailed than this interview. It should be like Zoo Story, a new Zoo Story. Or like someone should name two parakeets PLAYBOY and DYLAN, in all caps, and record them squeaking, and call it The Playboy-Dylan Interview: II. Yes, yes, I can be clever. You can be clever. But there’s no getting away from the two of them.