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write me the money

I began a new grantwriting project today, the first one for a Chicago theater. I’m very happy to be doing more of this kind of work. Grantwriting can be so cookie-cutter, but I really love the challenge of it – placing the maximum amount of style and creativity into a very restrictive form, a kind of praise-song. Superlatives upon superlatives. An abundance of excellence.

In the course of hanging around the theater I’ve met some other young people who are engaged in some kind of volunteering or assisting of the staff, and talked about employment prospects in the field. There’s no doubt that it doesn’t look too good right now.

I’m lucky to have some work. I think part of the reason I’ve managed to remain employed is that the extra-artistic skill set I’ve cultivated – grantwriting and fundraising – is more essential now than ever. No matter how bad it gets in the arts, until we all throw in the towel entirely, we will all, all of us, always need folks to go find us some more funding.