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most foul and unnatural

To my extreme annoyance, in the Chicago leg of my tour of Bodily Afflictions of the Kindergarten Period, I’ve somehow managed to develop an ear infection, which prevented me from taking my long-planned trip to Indianapolis for the culminating performance of the second year of the Indy Convergence tomorrow.

The Convergence is a theater conference which I co-founded last year, with friends I met assisting at OSF, and I was going to attend the performance both to congratulate my friends and to pass the baton to their new director of development. Instead, I’m here in Chi-town, oddly sick, and with something that I’ve never heard of anyone over the age of eight contracting. Using the droppers makes me feel like the Ghost in Hamlet. Lying in bed, reeking of acetic acid and liquid steroids (my ears could be baseball players) I keep hearing “The king rises!”

At any rate, if you’re in Indianapolis, please check out their work tomorrow. Feb 28th, 7 pm, Wheeler Arts Community, 1035 Sanders St., downtown Indy. Free and open to the public.