tendency see note. See note? Oh. See…note!

I figured something out on my flight from Warsaw to Chicago, reading footnotes. I’ve been figuring a lot of things out lately.

I have felt weird for a long time about the number of multiple notebooks I keep – one more personal, one fit for public viewing, and so on. And I have to carry all of them around with me. It feels disjointed. I’ve always wanted to just have one brilliantly written universal notebook, like Da Vinci or Boswell or Wittgenstein or something…Of course, not writing as well as any of them makes this difficult.

But I have decided it’s okay, and have devised a system of footnoting between them. I also have started carrying a third blank one to draw in. And this is all fine.

When I’m not writing about you, I’m writing about me. And since I am doing that, I need to have all these different places for the writing. It just helps me keep my head straight between what is true and what is not, what is public and what is private. I have never been able to just have one notebook, and I’m never going to.

There’s nothing wrong with that. And more separation between the different parts of my life is probably a healthy thing: otherwise I start to feel like I could write anything into anyone. Or, any one.

In slight rebellion, however, I’m going to stop categorizing posts. I never use that feature. there’s no point.