it’s great to stay up late

I am sleeping at such weird hours. Still jet-lagged. I took the Western bus from Montrose to Division this morning at 6 AM. This morning, like yesterday, was marked by more interactions with the sentient beings we classify as pests.

Scene One:
Guy at Bus Stop: Have you EVER seen a cockroach that big?
Dara: (investigating) Actually, I’ve seen many larger cockroaches. In LA.
Guy at Bus Stop: Well, yeah, me too, in Atlanta – but never here.
Dara: I guess it’s a pretty big cockroach for Chicago.
Guy at Bus Stop: I haven’t seen a cockroach that big since I was like ten, twelve years old.
Dara: Really?
Guy at Bus Stop: And that was a LONG time ago.

Scene Two:
Dara: Hi.
Bus Driver: You have such nice eyes.
Dara: Uh, thanks. Is it still $2.25?
Bus Driver: Yeah.

It’s nice to see you, too, Chicago. But not for long. I can’t wait to go. Although I have nothing but good feelings about this city, nothing in living here has become me, or it, like leaving. What I’ve tried to do here is done, and the rest will happen better somewhere else, with less pollen .

I’m going to have brunch with relatives this AM, then go to see the run-through of Robert’s show, an adaptation of Macbeth called “What the Weird Sisters Saw.” It’s from the POV of the witches. He’s playing M himself.