Baltimore, theater

enter, with tigers

Yesterday, I did some research for J’s CYRANO at the library. She was perplexed by a stage direction in the Burgess translation that reads:

Onto the stage comes a coach, with drivers and tigers

for Roxane’s act 4 entrance. I went through a whole bunch of other translations and the original, looking for another reference to the tigers, but couldn’t find any. It must be a production-specific thing.

I then went to Trivia at the Wharf Rat again. Met one of the WS folks’ friends, a woman who teaches English in a Baltimore public high school. She was sharing horror stories about teaching in a converted wood shop with no air conditioning.

After Trivia, I listened to two of the people I was there with, friends for the past two or three years, tell stories about the program, how they became friends, etc. One of them is leaving in a few days. The city and the atmosphere around this program are both very seductive, and I think a lot of people keep staying on for quite awhile, for that reason. But he thinks it’s time for him to go.

I always like to listen to stories like that, because two people tend to have different memories of how, exactly, they met in the first place. When I think about it, I can’t even remember how I met these guys, and I’ve only known them for a couple of weeks. I believe it was at a party. But we were somewhere else before that, and I don’t know where.

I’m writing a poem based on Trivial Pursuit answers.