a propos of nothing, gradschool

and in the creepy,

Hopkins just put a new face on the website. Alternating different photos. Cool. The pictures show a lot of the school’s diversity both of people and programs. I think it’s a really nice front page. But – when I clicked on it the first time – I got an image of a man with – I don’t know, electrodes? – all over his head.

Really made me want to be like, “This is how we study poetry at JHU! With BRAIN MAPPING!”

I can’t link to it, but if you go to the site and click through the pictures, you will find the man with the electrode-head – fourth from the left, gazing out at you with a friendly face, and lots and lots and lots of electrodes. Honestly, it’s as weird as some kind of Poe story, the stuff folks do at this school. Science. Magic.