speaking of theater,

I just saw Playing Dead at SCT for the second time. It’s a wonderful show, and it only has one more weekend.

Tomorrow, I am holding a small, informal meeting of some student lyricists and composers, with the hope of fostering collaboration between them. If it goes well, I am hoping we can meet now and again over a long period of time, and that our meetings can be a place to share work in progress. This project is something I’ve had in mind since teaching the intersession class on musical theater lyrics. I didn’t expect that it would come into existence at the same time as several other theater projects, but I am happy it is happening. And I am also pleased to give you the catchphrase: “A lot of people talk about fostering new American musicals, but I’m DOING something about it.”

Actually, lots of other people are doing things about it, too. Like SSDC, and various festivals in New York, and theaters all over this country who fund the expensive process of the development of new musicals. Maybe I’m just getting on the bandwagon. Like T- Pain.