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writing a paper on Larry Levis, trying to write a conference abstract, about to go record some Auden. The last new poem of my first year in the program is due Tuesday.

Last week, I and some of the other grad students attended an event on campus put on by the Johns Hopkins University Press to celebrate the publication of an anthology titled “British Women Poets of the Long Eighteenth Century.” Three poets read. Each read a poem from the anthology as well as one of their own poems, and discussed their choices. One of the editors, Paula Backscheider, was also present. She talked about the process of putting the book together, and signed copies.

I really like the anthology, and I’m going to put up some things from it here. One of my favorite poems so far has been a blank verse piece by Elizabeth Hands, satirizing the way that people talk disdainfully about poems written by a servant. (Her own work.)