last weekend,

the students from the chorus workshop I taught in LA had a public showcase.

I wasn’t there; I was back in Baltimore, and I was nervous on their behalf. It’s strange to have something you’ve worked on as closely as theater going up without your presence, and on the other side of the country. I’ve had this experience before, although I was always in the same city when the performance was happening. From the opposite coast, I really had to come to terms with there being nothing I could do.

But it went very well; I’ve heard back from D, who was there playing piano for them, and he says they remembered what we had created and did a great job.

I’m especially pleased because this end-of-workshop presentation of choruses felt like the most advanced of any I’ve put together from a student workshop. Also, the students arrived at all the final choruses in their own improvisations. So it really was their own work they were sharing, not mine. (That may be–probably is–why they didn’t have any trouble remembering it.)