going to California

for a month, tomorrow. First to the North, then to the South, then to the MLA, then back to Baltimore for another installment of the intersession course on musicals. But first: a month (a month!) in Cali.

Plane reading: "Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett" by James Knowlson. And a semester full of physics labs that need to be proofread. And a checked bag full of student portfolios. And several applications. Whoever said you’re not supposed to take work on vacations never met me. Still, hoping to catch up with friends, and get some down time before the return to teaching and the final semester of the MFA (and its incumbent Madness of Thesis.) I am looking forward to this trip very much.

Now if only this whole "packing" thing were as easy to do while sleeping as blogging is…