thank you, season 5 of Burn Notice

for getting me through the screening and the last week of Polish class. Final exam yesterday; diplomas and singing party today; back to Baltimore tomorrow, where ParOct performs at the Creative Alliance; and then to Poland next Wednesday.

A longer post is in the works, but for now, here’s the info on the performance Sunday:

Parallel Octave
conducting an open session with the audience
on a selection from Ron Allen’s short play X RESTRUNG CORTEX
this Sunday, July 17 @ Artscape,
at High Noon, for One Hour,
as part of High Zero / Worlds in Collusion,
the University of Baltimore Student center, 5th floor (SE Corner Mt Royal & Maryland)
Admission: Free

The official blurb on the site says “Experimental Greek chorus sings unusual texts,” which is true, but we are going to sing them in collaboration with the audience, as usual. And I will distribute Purim noisemakers to everyone who attends. We’ll play selections from the ANTHOLOGY I video, too.

Longer blog update forth-hopefully-coming after this weekend.


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