lazy niedziela

Dear Milo,

Many stores in Poland are closed on Sundays. The streets were very quiet–the people who were out and about in the morning seemed to have a sort of devil-may-care skipping-church demeanor, compared to the usual seriousness. I may have been imagining that, though. The Biedronka (ladybug) grocery store was only open for a few hours. I went in and got groceries for the week for about 37 zlotys. (That’s less than $15.)

It was a gray day, with intermittent rain. This was the view out the window–I tried to take it when the clouds were as ominous as possible. This is at about 8 PM.

See how the winds of change do blow the clouds hither and thither?

I avoided the clouds, stayed in and did more laundry (you go through a lot of clothes when you work out as much as I was doing in the two SOTG workshops!). I did some freelance work. A lot of writing happening in this down time.

And (drumroll) I spent a few hours uploading films from ANTHOLOGY I to Parallel Octave’s YouTube channel. Some time tomorrow or the day after, you’ll be able to see 6 of the 8 films online. This is the kind of thing that takes a lot of time, but is well worth it. There’s no speeding it up. You just have to say to yourself, “Well, I’m waiting for the video to upload.” Like watching water boil.

Speaking of watching water boil, I also finally some more few pictures of the temporary apartment and the view from my window, while I was making dinner. They follow.

The small yellow kitchen.

Mmm, blurry.

View out the kitchen window, over the rooftops. 7 floors up.

View down into the courtyard; a few parked cars.

Delicious cars.

View of Food.

Mushrooms! They're Just Like Us!

View of kitchen table. No time like the present to do more writing.

By the light of the laptop.

No time like the present.

Good phone call with parents; feels like a weekend should feel. Tomorrow, back into Wroclaw, I think. Time to spend some time at the Grotowski Institute, perhaps to watch some archival footage of old SOTG shows. Time to get busy. But it’s been a good run of slow days. I needed to step away from everything for a bit, to remind myself why I’m here. That reason hasn’t changed.