Crossing the Vistula

On Saturday at around 17:00, heading into the center of town for a meeting, there were fewer people than usual on the tram car. I decided this was my chance to shoot a short video of the trip over the Vistula on Most Gdański, going from the east bank to the west. It’s a little over a minute long. It starts when we’re stopped on the Praga side, at the Wybreże Helskie stop, and finishes as we come to the Most Gdański stop. The camera is looking south, downriver.

The next day, coming back from another meeting, I decided to walk across the bridge–in the opposite direction–while it was still warm enough to do so (barely.) It was very, very, very cold. I won’t be doing this again until the spring. I tried to count my steps, but forgot about it after about a hundred. I think that it’s at least 300 steps (for me) to walk across the river.

Today, I’m making preparations for an interview this afternoon and a trip to Lublin tomorrow, to see the Berliner Compagnie–who I worked with way back in 2003–perform as part of a festival. It will be wonderful to see them again. It has been too long. In addition, I’ve had a Lublin obsession since I read Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel The Magician of Lublin when I was a teenager. It’s still one of my favorites of his books. The only city in Poland I’m more excited about seeing for the first time is Kraków. (Trumpeter of. Children’s book.)

I’ll be in Lublin for two days, back in Warsaw for about 24 hours, and then head to Wrocław for the weekend for another performance. October’s been a fun month.