one last barrage of Wroclaw-photography

I just got a confusing phone call from the Wroclaw DHL office, telling me that I had valued a recent package too highly, and that they had to put a lower value on it in order to send it. I agreed to everything, being in no condition to disagree. “Whatever you say, Poland” is the only possible response to all these situations.

Anyway. Still going through all the pictures from the last trip. I took these photos on Halloween.

The Rynek on a quiet empty morning. It's about 8:45 AM, nothing is open, and I'm pacing back and forth in front of the Empik bookstore.

That fountain, along with “In front of the Pizza Hut” or “In front of the McDonalds,” is one of the three reliable meeting places for groups of lost Americans in the Wro. Rynek. Everywhere else is really confusing.

The two little houses at the front are the oldest in the Rynek.

I really like how much more enormous the tower behind is…

"Pod Gryfami"--Under the Gryphons.

A less modest house in the Rynek; one of my favorites.