Another chór kobiet article

My Biweekly.pl article about Chór Kobiet (Warsaw’s Chorus of Women) is now online. (Biweekly.pl is the English-language side of a Polish arts magazine and website, dwutygodnik.com.) Here’s a paragraph from the article:

In Polish theatre, forms and elements resembling Greek choruses are not unheard of. Grotowski and Kantor both experimented with choruses; Polish companies inspired, in part, by one or the other of those directors, such as Wrocław’s Teatr Pieśń Kozła, Łódź’s Chorea, Michałowice’s Teatr Cinema, and others, follow suit. However, even in this chorus-conscious context, it is still a remarkable feat that Górnicka was able to sustain an hour-long chorus of almost thirty performers, speaking comprehensible text, as the central element of a theatrical performance. I wanted to find out more about her methods.

You can read the whole thing here.


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