(yesterday), I went for obiad and hot spiced wine (it’s getting cold here!) with a friend, and then saw two Scorcese films at Kino Polonia in Łódż: “Po godzinach” (After Hours) and “Takówkarz” (Taxi Driver.) It was a wonderful way to take a day off from theater. I’d never seen After Hours before at all–great New York dark comedy about one man’s crazy late night, and the chain of inter-connected characters he meets–and I’d never seen either film projected on a large screen–and I’d certainly never seen a Scorcese double-bill. His images are so theatrical, so composed. It was glorious. Scorcese was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Łódź film school this Friday, which is why they’re playing all his films. If I could stay today, I could see The Departed and Aviator again, but Warsaw calls. On my way to the train station. Perhaps I should say “I’m shipping off to BostonWarsaw.”