A week ago tomorrow,

the reading of UMRZEĆ W ATENACH // TO DIE IN ATHENS at Komuna//Warszawa, in Polish, English and German, with a cast of 30 hailing from Cambridge, Berlin, Łódź, Warsaw, Kraków, and more…
went very, very well indeed.

Here is a picture of the full cast in the reading:


(more performance pictures online here).

And one of us in rehearsal in Bemowo, at Aneta’s house:

(more rehearsal pictures online here).

To say that this has been a long time coming is not to say enough. I had thought I would write a longer post about it all, and perhaps I still will, but not today. There is also video, which I am trying to select a good clip from. Soon. In brief, as I have said and will say again, thanks to all of you for not giving up on me or on this. I’m glad this project is a thing that is still happening.


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