“End of the Line” at Artscape, Sunday, July 21

Image by Marta Ostajewska.

Eight writers from Poland, Hungary, the US and Spain respond to Polish playwright Wojtek Ziemilski’s “Mała Narracja” (Small Narration) by exploring the stories of their own grandparents. With live music.

Reading of “The End of the Line“: (free admission)
Sunday, July 21
7 PM
Single Carrot Theatre, Artscape Festival, 1727 N. Charles

(Facebook event here and Artscape link here.)

With music from the Parallel Octave Chorus and the Theater & Music Lab of JHU Summer Programs, and slide projections designed by summer students from JHU’s “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” class, in Film and Media Studies, under the guidance of Meg Rorison.

Bakk Ágnes (Hungary), Nathan Cooper (US), Rachel Jendrzejewski (US), Marek Krawczyk (Poland / US), Dorota Sobstel (Poland), Maite Tarazona (Spain), Vági Eszter (Hungary), Dara Weinberg (US)
Natalia Ballestero, Genevieve de Mahy, Megan Ihnen, Sandy Koll, the Parallel Octave Chorus, and the JHU Summer Theater & Music Lab

Before the reading, there will be a free writing and chorus workshop, in English, from 6 until 7 PM, at Single Carrot Theater, for anyone who wants to take part in writing exercises exploring the history of his or her grandparents, and/or take part in speaking text in the chorus.

This project was made possible through the support of the International Visegrad Fund, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Contemporary Central European Theatre: Document/ary versus Postmemory initiative, JHU Summer Programs, JHU Homewood Arts, JHU Film & Media Studies Program, and the Parallel Octave Chorus.

This text has previously been presented in Warsaw, as part of the Adam Mickiewicz Festival’s New Dramaturgy Conference, and in Budapest, as part of the Contemporary Central European Theatre: Document/ary vs. Postmemory initiative, in May 2013.