after a year teaching English, media studies/theater, and creative writing at the University of Łódź, I am now in Kraków for the time being. It’s summer, which means rain, heat, and word-generation.

2014 writing projects:
– TO SEE THE STARS, a song cycle about telescopes and astronomy, with composer Faye Chiao.
– SUSANNAH 2000, a genre-bending space opera about singing telepathic aliens. With composer Liam Wade.
– the thing I am tentatively calling “An Invitation to Poland,” which is a memoir. This is in the stage of “Many pages of notes and drafts.”

And of course, once we cross into the land of 2015, in January, PENNY (music by Douglas Pew) premieres at the Washington National Opera. (Tickets!) PENNY is now in the stage where it’s all about the music, but that doesn’t mean there might not still be some word-generation required of the word-generation algorithms. You never know. Mostly, however, I now get to hear what sorts of songs come in and out of the words. This is the fun part.

But before any of that happens, it’s time for Teatr Chorea’s 3rd annual Retro//Per//Spectives festival, which happens every two years in Łódź. I will be singing in their GILGAMESZ again, on the 22nd. If you are in or around the Greater Łódź area, join us. Festival website here: http://retroperspektywy.com/