Fall morning in Praga, Warsaw

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

This Serene Autumnal Picture is of the walk down the wide and pleasant ul. Namysłowska, on my way south towards Plac Hallera and a busier area of Praga, my neighborhood on the east side of the Vistula.

(I’m writing this post from the kitchen of the Cinnamon Hotel, my Wroclaw home-away-from-Warsaw of choice–and catching up on blogging from a week of travel. Two days in Lublin, one in Lodz, and now three in Wroclaw to come.)

This narrative begins on Tuesday, 10/25, with a sentimental photo-shoot of the Praga neighborhood. The morning of my trip to Lublin, I finally made it to the post office at Plac Hallera to pick up a package (my parents sent me a biography of Henry James!) and on the way there and back, I thought I would document the neighborhood. I also took some pictures of the Praga-area Warsaw Uprising memorial. Photo gallery follows–you can click on one and enlarge to go through them as a slideshow.