Niedziela we Wrocławiu

There couldn’t have been a better day for it to be Polish Daylight Savings Time–I stayed up till 2 AM last night putting up pictures of the Lublin trip, and the surprise extra hour of sleep is much appreciated. It’s another quiet Polish Sunday morning.

The Wrocław Rynek. Sunday morning. The square almost empty.

Now I’m in the Wrocław Starbucks on the Rynek, in the under-the-golden-stag building (pod złotym jeleniem) across from the under-the-golden-dog building (pod złotym psem).

15th-century apteka--now a Starbucks. (There's still an apteka next door, which is nice.)

I’m working on an application that is due, in the Western Hemisphere, sooner rather than later–which means I will have to use DHL so it can fly Under the Golden Airplane Airlines (pot złotym samolotem) but it’s worth it. I had an experience with some documents being lost through the regular Polish mail en route to the US, and I think I’m not going to risk it this time.

In the narrative of last week’s trip, I still have to get to Łódź–but here are a few Wrocław photos from last night and this morning. A day of writing lies ahead. I’ll put up the Łódź pictures when I’m finished with it.