Travelogue, resumed

(I successfully located the Wrocław DHL office and sent off the papers I’d been working on–so I have some time to get back to pictures from last week.)
Stardate: last czwartek, 27 października. Befuddled Expat’s Log. Upon returning from Lublin (small town) I really enjoyed seeing Warsaw (larger town) as a comparatively busy, bustling place. Like stepping from a dim room into a bright one. Look at all these people heading down to the Centrum metro station! So many people! Maybe not that many compared to New York, but more than anywhere in Lublin…

The apparition of these faces in the crowd...

I used the opportunity to take some pictures of the massive Dworzec Centralna, or Warsaw central train station, and the surrounding open squares. This area is right next to the Kinoteka, to the PKN, the Złote Tarasy mall, etc, and it has a wide-open feeling that reminds me of Berlin Alexanderplatz.

I’m in a cafe right now in Wro. and the uploader’s slow, so I’ll put those images up later…

It’s a nice place to return to, the PKN/Kinoteka/Centrum metro area, every time I come back to Warsaw.


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