Farmer’s/flea market this morning in Warsaw–getting colder, but people still out and about. Most of the yellow leaves are now on the ground rather than on the trees, but they’re not gone from the picture altogether yet.

It's never too cold for the flea market! It's Poland!

Two apples: 0,8 PLN
Paper towels: 3,20 PLN
Batteries: 4 PLN

Today, working on articles, studying for a Polish test this week, and seeing an exhibit at the Center for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle with a friend. I am also going to investigate a yoga studio near the Centrum metro station later this afternoon/evening.

In my free time, I will mourn the passing of the Funny Girl revival. Sign of the times, sign of the times, sign of the times. Investors pulling out of theatrical productions, even one as well-publicized and anticipated as this one.

Here are a few Polish expressions of the day, from the always useful online dictionary run at U. Pitt:

młodzież bananowa–“the coddled youth.” The first word means “youth,” and the second one is the adjective form of “banana.”

mocna głowna
— strong head for drink.