First Polish yoga class today

I shouldn’t have waited so long to go. Yoga is yoga; even though I couldn’t understand everything, I was still able to take class, and it was lovely. In fact, I enjoyed feeling that I was communicating on another level than that of language. There were lots of interesting modifications using a folding chair, including a folding-chair-supported backbend.

The view of the Pałac Kultury i Nauki, coming out of the studio after "joga."

Afterwards, had a self-satisfied sandwich and scoped out the neighborhood where I’ve suggested that Z. and P. stay when they come to visit. On the way, saw these pathetically abandoned teddy bears in the window of a pay-by-the-weight thrift store.

Weep for what little things could make them glad.

After that moment of existentialism, I boarded the oncoming #4 tram, to head back north to Praga…

The #4 train in Plac Konstytucji.

and got off again soon after, at Królewska, to walk in Saxon Gardens. People of all ages and dogs of all sorts enjoying the profusion of fallen leaves.

autumn autumn autumn autumn autumn

Returned, once back in the neighborhood, to the little stalls that still constitute the local market even when the full flea market isn’t in effect. Buying vegetables in yoga-induced haze. Pretty colors! Why is this cake in the bakery named “Zebra?” No, that was real…it’s a black-and-white cake…but it’s the sort of thing you only notice when your brain’s been flooded with too many endorphins.

Brokul: 3,50 PLN (“Brokul kontra kalafior“..!)
Pieprze i jabłka: 2,40 PLN

Afterwards, I made a Quizlet word set for my Polish vocab quiz tomorrow. It took me sixteen rounds to get all of them. Spelling kills me with Polish words–I’ll know the first letters, even what it sounds like, but be unable to put everything in the right order. I really like Quizlet’s features, though, and I’m hoping this will help me be more productive with vocabulary in the future.

My digital camera is dying; it takes two new batteries and then says “Please change batteries” three shots later. Considering this is the same digital camera I took to Germany in 2003, it’s done pretty well…I have eked a few last images out of it, as you see, including some fall leaves, but I think I will either have to revert to textual habits or else, you know, get a new one.

No, I did not see any theater today. I like to observe Mondays off even when not required to, I’m starting to realize. But I did confirm some arrangements for tickets next weekend, when I will be seeing six performances of three plays over five days. Because it’s Poland.