in brief,

I must ask Mr. Stevens to lend me his words so that I may say “It was snowing / and it had begun to snow.” Last night in Łódź, after rehearsal, snow stuck on the ground for the first time. I saw the first falling snow Tuesday morning, walking to rehearsal. It begins.

I am in Łódź again, after a very brief period of time in Warsaw. I was lucky enough to be able to observe and assist with rehearsals for a Christmas play at a small American school in Kabaty, Warsaw (a student-written adaptation of “A Christmas Carol,” po angielsku) and to conduct my first-ever-in-Poland Parallel Octave poem-recording session, with a Polish actress friend and an American harp player friend and an American singer friend. Both of these things happened yesterday, and then I came back to Łódź for the last night of rehearsals before opening.

The show, Chorea‘s “Oratorium Dance Project,” that opens tonight, is extremely important. I’ve been in and out of their rehearsals all week and I’m absolutely blown away. As usual, I am writing a longer article so I won’t say too much here, but I will say that it is one of the best physical (and vocal) representation of something resembling the Greek chorus I have ever seen–and certainly one of the largest, with over a hundred singers and dancers, including many children.