back in Warsaw

In this past week, I’ve conducted more interviews than any previous week in Poland (or in my life, for that matter). I just wrote a report for my mentor and I was stunned by how many times I had to type the words “Conducted interview with…” I hadn’t realized how many there were. It’s been fantastic being able to speak to so many different collaborators from Oratorium Dance Project. It is a bit disconcerting to have no one to interview today, but I need the time to process the material and get it in shape.

Chorea is preparing to go to Moscow today, to present “Po Ptakach” (After The Birds, their adaptation of Aristophanes) at the Meyerhold center.

Yesterday was the last session of my Polish class at the University of Warsaw’s POLONICUM. It was a great class, and I hope I’m going to stay in contact with the other students. It’s always interesting to have an opportunity to meet other people who are, like you, learning a new language and culture. Some of them were in Poland for work, others for love (married to a Polish man or woman), some for both. They were from the US, Korea, England, Belarus, Israel, and more. We formed a good group, and ended up going out for dinner or drinks quite a few times after class. I feel fortunate to have had their friendship during this period of transition to a new city and new country. I told them all that they were going to have to come to Łódź for the next premiere in March.

Just one week till Z and P arrive for two weeks of Poland-for-the-holidays.