Interview with Sara Inés Calderón

Here’s a wonderful interview with my wonderful friend, the journalist and editor Sara Inés Calderón, about the website she co-founded and works with, NewsTaco: The Latino Daily. Excerpt follows…

Interviewer: What has been the most rewarding part of creating your own media?

Calderón: What’s truly surprised me with regard to News Taco is that my favorite part of the entire enterprise has been to promote other Latino writers and artists across the country. I thought I would enjoy writing and generating my own content, but what I’ve truly appreciated was being able to meet and work with Latina and Latino writers from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas and everywhere in between.

There’s so much talent out there, and as I’ve begun working with all of these talented Latinos, I’ve realized that this is truly one of News Taco’s core values: to be a platform to promote Latinos across the country. Thus, the most rewarding part of generating my own media has been giving a voice to other Latinos who needed a platform and watching them grow as writers and in popularity.