“A Game of Hearts” in Cincinnati, May 3 and 4

North American New Opera Works has announced casting and dates for “A Game of Hearts” in Cincinnati this May. They will be presenting our short opera in tandem with Samuel Barber’s “A Hand of Bridge,” in the spirit of putting all of the short operas about card games together in the same place. Now if I could just get some traction on that “A Five-Hour-Long Game Of Civilization“…but that might skew the length of the evening.

Our cast for “A Game of Hearts” includes:

Esther Kang, soprano, playing the role of Harriet Oshiro
Abigail Santos Villalobos, soprano, playing the role of Jean Bierbaum
Samantha Stinson, soprano, playing the Role of Sylvia Bierbaum Holtz
Dashiell Waterbury, tenor, playing the role of Dr. Steve Vergara
Michael Young, baritone, playing the role of Jerry Rosenberg.

As usual, our Musical Director maestro Tyler Catlin will conduct for us and our Piano Maven Liz Remizowski is to be backed by a full piano quartet this time. Performances will be May 3rd at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Terrace Park and on May 4th at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Clifton.

There’s more information on the performances here on the NaNoWorks website.

This also seems like a good place to mention that “A Game of Hearts” will be at the Opera America showcase in New York in 2014. Details very TBA on that, but the blog will know as soon as I do. Perhaps even sooner.